She’s had quite the life and career, and while she has learned plenty along the way, there is one lesson that truly stands out for Morgan Fairchild.

“That the most important thing is kindness. Kindness to each other, and just being able to reach out to other people,” the 70-year-old exclusively tells Closer Weekly while at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. “I find that on Twitter, I have Twitter followers that now tweet me and DM me and say, ‘You said something to me when I was sick or my mother had died or something like that. And it meant the world to me. And thank you so much.’ Just the reaching out in small ways, big ways every day to people. Everybody’s having a rough time. You never know what they’re going through”

“So just the kindness, the random act of kindness that people don’t expect,” the actress continued. … At this age it starts coming back. People tell you when you did something 30 years ago for them, so that’s nice.”

Morgan Fairchild

Morgan — who has been acting acting since the ’70s — is perhaps best known for her roles on Friends and on Flamingo Road, the latter scored her a Golden Globes nomination. And while she has aged on-screen, she has also come to accept that when it comes to her looks, she is completely happy being who she is.

“I grew up with the old star system where they said you couldn’t go out to the grocery store without putting on all your makeup — don’t unleash yourself on people unless you’re put together. But I’ve gotten to an age that I really don’t care,” Morgan previously told Closer exclusively. “I’ll go to the grocery store in a T-shirt and workout pants!” However, when it comes down to it, the star still makes sure to stay on the healthy road.

Morgan Fairchild

“No sun, no booze, no drugs, no smoking!” she explained.

Morgan knows exactly how to live her best life!

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