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‘The Office’ Actress and Writer Mindy Kaling Has 2 Darling Kids! Meet Daughter Katherine and Son Spencer

Not only is Mindy Kaling one of the most talented actors, writers, producers and directors in Hollywood, but she’s also a great mom! The Never Have I Ever creator has two kids, a daughter named Katherine and a son named Spencer.

To date, Mindy has never revealed who the father of her children is, nor does she show their faces on social media. That said, the Massachusetts native does share pictures of Katherine and Spencer on Instagram so long as their faces are covered or hidden.

Over the years, Mindy has made it clear she’s not interested in sharing every aspect of her life with the public. “My feeling is, that until I speak to my daughter [about her paternity], I’m not going to talk to anyone else about it,” she told The New York Times Magazine in 2019. Even if Mindy chooses to keep some things under wraps, she’s not shy about her love of motherhood.

“I’m very impatient and having a baby requires an amount of patience that I was worried about,” the Office alum added. “But they don’t tell you that the thing will look so much like you, and do things that are so sweet and adorable, that you’ll naturally not have the same impatience that you would have with a stranger or someone who works for you.”

When it comes to showing pictures of Katherine and Spencer to the world, don’t expect to see their faces anytime soon. “I’m on social media and like sharing with people what my interests are and how my day’s going and all of that, but I do feel entitled to have privacy about my daughter and my relationships,” Mindy told Glamour in 2019.

“It’s really essential to my life that there be something not everybody knows about,” she added. “That’s a boundary, but it’s a very small boundary. Everything else I really don’t have any issue sharing.”

Scroll through the gallery below to learn more and see photos of Mindy Kaling’s kids, Katherine and Spencer.