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Mina Starsiak Hawk Has Gotten Candid About Her Weight Loss Journey: See Photos 

Good Bones host Mina Starsiak Hawk doesn’t hold anything back! The real estate expert has been very open about her weight loss journey with fans since rising to fame on HGTV. She also shares side-by-side photos from time to time, showing off how far she has come during her health and fitness transformation

Mina shares two children, Jack and Charlotte, with her husband, Steve Hawk. After giving birth to her second child, she considered getting surgery due to the development of diastasis recti, the separation of her ab muscles. In December 2020, she underwent a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation. Since then, she has encouraged her fans to never hold back in doing the things they want to do. 

“Do what makes YOU feel good. It’s OK to be selfish sometimes,” she told Us Weekly in February 2021. “Whether it’s surgery or a push-up bra or eyelash extensions, Spanx, a spray tan — get it. Whatever makes you feel strong and powerful and beautiful.”

Prior to the surgeries, the television personality revealed that she weighed around 160 pounds. A few months after the surgeries, she shared that she lost 10 pounds. When responding to a comment on Instagram in November 2021, Mina explained some of the changes she made to her diet and fitness routines that led to her weight loss.

“I actually stopped drinking five or six months ago and kicked up the weightlifting part of my, already daily, workout routine,” she wrote. “My goal with neither of these changes was weight loss. But I feel great. The strongest, and least hungover that I have [been] in years.”

The mom of two often shares videos of her daily workouts to inspire fans and offer tips on how to stay active while balancing work. Some of her favorite things to do in the gym include using an ab wheel, riding an exercise bike and doing jumping jacks before quick cardio sessions. Steve, a personal trainer, also joins Mina in the gym and gives her advice on her workouts. 

“Just got to give my trainer a shout-out today! He’s a pain in my ass but wildly handsome so I put up with it,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a bikini photo in August 2022. “Thanks [Steve] for keeping my hot mom summer going.” 

Keep scrolling to see Mina’s weight loss transformation photos.