There are some aspects of filming HGTV’s Good Bones that Mina Starsiak Hawk simply does not miss. Three months after the show’s series finale, the Indianapolis-based realtor revealed some of the challenges that made working on the home improvement series rather difficult.

Mina, 39, held a Q&A session in her Instagram Stories on Thursday, January 4, giving fans an inside look at her life since the show ended. “I miss Good Bones,” one fan wrote, prompting a lengthy response from the TV personality.

“I miss it too. But only the best parts of it,” she confessed. “I miss the early years and the fun, but I don’t miss having the weight of the entire show on my shoulders and my bank account. That’s a lot to handle and I don’t like what my life was turning into under the stress of it all.”

‘After all of the drama that went down on the set of the show, including rifts with her mom, Karen E. Laine, and brother Tad Starsiak, Mina is optimistic about the future.

“But I hope there is a new way forward that’s more manageable,” she continued. “I love getting to put Indy on a stage! It’s such an amazing place to live and raise a family.”

Having the weight of the show on her shoulders is a feeling that Mina has voiced before, as the sole owner of the Two Chicks and a Hammer company. Karen, 61, stepped back from the business in 2019, but still remained as a cast member on Good Bones.

Mina Starsiak Hawk'a husband Steve Hawk holds son Jack on his shoulders
Courtesy of Steve Hawk/Instagram

“I have all the risk,” Mina said during an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast in September 2023. “So, mom, Austin [Aynes], Tad, Cory [Miller], MJ [Coyle], everyone else is there having fun and they’re getting paid to be there, just regular pay, to have fun. What I think a lot of people don’t think about, don’t understand or choose not to hear is I own the company.”

The home design expert, who shares kids Jack and Charlotte, with husband Steve Hawk, further explained how the dynamic on set shifted once she decided to downsize her team.

“While I want to say ‘Do this, do this, do this, wear this, put this on, put your gloves back on, put your mask back on. What are you doing? Why are you wearing this? Why do you have a dangly earring at demo? That seems dangerous,’ they’re not my employees and they don’t listen to me,” Mina remarked, revealing that Tad, Cory and Austin no longer worked for her outside of the show.