It looks like you need a nap, Michael Bolton! The 65-year-old singer appeared in a live TV interview earlier today, Tuesday, February 5, on Australia’s The Morning Show but seemingly fell asleep on-air before he got the chance to chat with hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies. Awkward!

In a clip of the uncomfortable moment shared on The Morning Show‘s official Twitter account — with the caption, “Anything can happen on live TV!” — host Larry can be seen introducing Michael by saying, “As always, we’re looking forward to talking to the great man, Michael Bolton joins us now live from Florida, good morning and welcome back to the show.” Michael, who was supposed to be promoting his new album, A Symphony of Hits, appeared to be sleepy as he closed his eyes and failed to say anything while the camera was rolling. Watch the awkward video above! 

“Michael, you got us OK?” Larry asked the singer as he and Kylie began to giggle to themselves. “Maybe he’s just updating Instagram,” the host added before Kylie chimed in to say, “Michael, hi Michael, it’s Kylie and Larry, we’re with you live.” Then, Michael spoke for the first and only time during the cringeworthy broadcast to softly say, “It’s gone silent.”

Michael Bolton Asleep

After a few more attempts to get his attention, Kylie said, “We might have to come back to Michael,” to which Larry replied, “It looks like he’s on Instagram, why don’t you slip into his DMs?” Then, Kylie said, “We’ll check the technical side of things with Michael … what time is it in Florida?” and Larry quipped, “Cocktail time!”

Though we’re not quite sure what went wrong during Michael’s interview, lots of people took to Twitter to speculate about the funny situation. “We all should find time for a ‘zen’ moment each day but maybe this wasn’t the wisest time,” one person joked while another similarly tweeted, “Looks like [he’s] having a little nap!”

Thankfully, the Australian TV duo were eventually able to chat with Michael later in their broadcast about his new music. Mission accomplished!