Although Tim Allen and Tom Hanks have both discussed how emotional the ending of Toy Story 4 is going to be, the new trailer that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3 is definitely more light-hearted. Only 30 seconds long, it nonetheless has a concerned Woody (voiced by Tom) and Bo Beep (Young Sheldon‘s Annie Potts) concerned that Buzz (Tim) hasn’t met up with them yet, though they assume he’s been “hung up.” Well, naturally, that’s exactly what’s happened: Buzz is hung up in a carnival attraction, where he turns to a couple of abusive toys — Ducky and Bunny (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, respectively) — to help him get out. Before things fade out, there’s a wonderful bit where Buzz turns the tables on his would-be attackers. Watch the newly-released Toy Story 4 trailer below! 

Here’s the official Disney-Pixar description of the film: “Woody has always been confident about his place in the world, and that his priority is taking care of his owner, whether that is Andy or Bonnie. So when Bonnie’s beloved new craft-project-turned-toy, Forky, declares himself as “trash” and not a toy, Woody takes it upon himself to show Forky why he should embrace being a toy. But when Bonnie takes the whole gang on her family’s road trip excursion, Woody ends up on an unexpected detour that includes a reunion with his long-lost girlfriend Bo Peep. After years of being on her own, Bo’s adventurous spirit and life on the road belie her delicate porcelain exterior. As Woody and Bo realize they are worlds apart when it comes to life as a toy, they soon come to find that is the least of their worries.”

Other cast members include Joan Cusack as Jessie, Wallace Shawn as Rex, John Ratzenberger as Hamm, Estelle Harris as Mrs. Potato head (apparently they decided not to recast the late Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head), Jodi Benson as Barbie, Michael Keaton as Ken, former James Bond Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants, and Tony Hale as the newest “toy,” Forky.

Toy Story 4 will be released on June 21.