Even after Joan Rivers’ upsetting death more than four years ago, her daughter, Melissa Rivers, gushed that her mom’s spirit lives on. “I look at my son and I think he is the truest example of my mother’s legacy,” she exclusively told Closer Weekly of 18-year-old Cooper Endicott. “He’s smart, funny, and kind. He’s such a good person — where did he get that from?”

Melissa, who recently hosted the LA Museum of the Holocaust’s gala, said Cooper has no ambitions about getting into showbiz. “But then again, when I went to college, neither did I, and he’s going to college next year,” Melissa said. “I found it during college. I love to create, and I’m happiest entertaining. And sometimes with people, it’s just who you are.”

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As for her impending empty nest, Melissa, 50, said, “I’m preparing myself for the combination of sadness, pride, loneliness, fear, and panic that will all overtake me. But I know he’s looking forward to it.”

While she’s struggling to come to terms with letting her son go, the Fashion Police star has been joking around to lift her spirits. “I keep saying to my son throughout the whole process, ‘you know, when you pick your schools and narrow it down, let’s discuss, because I always wanted to get my masters, and I think it would be a great time for me to do it,'” she jokingly admitted.

Melissa is not actually interested in getting her masters, nor is she wanting to go back to college. But the mom-of-one was happy to get a rise out of her son. “It panicked him for longer than it should have,” she dished of her prank. “Parenting tip of the day: Instill just enough doubt and fear of what you [are] as a parent… [what] you’re going to do to keep him sharp.”

Apparently “torturing and embarrassing” your child runs in the family, and Melissa joked that when Cooper has children, she hopes that he’ll “carry on the great family tradition.” While we are sad that Melissa will have to let go of her baby come fall of next year, we look forward to hearing where Cooper decides to go to school!

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