We have the chills. It’s been four years since Joan Rivers tragically died at age 81 from surgery complications, and today, her daughter, Melissa Rivers, has revealed that even though her mother is technically gone, she’s still very much there.

“I miss her every day and people are like, ‘Do you hear her talking to you all the time?’ I’m like, ‘Unfortunately, yes,'” the 50-year-old joked. “If you have a good relationship with anyone, you will miss them every day and especially with a mom. You’re going to miss them all the time.” 

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She continued, “Grief is so isolating yet it’s universal. It’s something everybody goes through at some point in their lives. “I can’t believe it’s already four years. Especially because I’m still going through storage!”

In a previous exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Melissa gushed about all the things her mother had taught her over the years. “My mom wasn’t the best secret keeper in the world. In fact, we had a good friend who used to say to her, ‘Could you please be a well instead of a fountain?” She wasn’t the type of comedian who would ever use personal stories in her stand-up, though,” Melissa shared. “And she was quite good with me in terms of not sharing everything, especially if she felt it was something that would hurt me or make things difficult for me or my son, Cooper, who’s now 17. She was very protective of him.”

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“Though she never pressured me to follow in her show business footsteps, she did want me to have a fulfilling life and to always be working and doing,” she added. “To never just sit around. When I lost her, I lost my best friend, so it hasn’t been easy. But through all of her ups and downs, all the good and the bad, she always taught me that you can absolutely survive anything.” We miss Joan so much!