Fashionista Joan Rivers died nearly four years ago but her legacy still lives on today. Although the world misses her witty fashion humor, Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, just revealed that she honors her mother every day by raising her son, Cooper, 17, to be a good person.

“The best legacy that I can give my mother — that everyone can give their parent — is to raise a good and decent child,” Melissa told People in a new interview. “One who gives back, and has a clear understanding of the understanding of not just being good, but doing good, as well. Cooper is my mom’s greatest legacy.”

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As Joan’s only child, Melissa, 50, also said she often talks to her son about the best ways that they can uphold their family legacy. “I feel like our legacy is to live a life that you can be proud of on many levels. Giving your best professionally and personally. Giving back to others,” she explained. “Cooper and I always try to remember how fortunate we are, just by rite of birth. We can never lose sight of that. We’re not entitled to anything. We work for what we have. That’s how my mother lived.”

At age 81, Joan passed away after she stopped breathing while undergoing surgery on her vocal cords. Melissa previously told Closer Weekly that she remembers her mother as someone who was “warm and sensitive to family, friends, [and] even strangers.” Now when Melissa parents Cooper, she can’t help but notice her own parenting techniques are similar to her mother’s ways.

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#tbt to these moments & memories with Mom and Cooper in 2012.

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“I’ll say something, and as soon as the words come out of my mouth, I’m like, ‘Wow. I sound just like my mom,'” Melissa said. “I was a big negotiator when I was a teenager, and my son tries that, too. Every time I say, ‘This is not my negotiation,’ I hear my father! He used to say that all the time!”