We’re sure one of the toughest aspects of royal life is constantly being in the public eye. And if you’re Meghan Markle, dealing with all of the public scrutiny surrounding her family drama with dad Thomas Markle and the rampant rumors about her alleged feud with Kate Middleton must be especially difficult. But according to a new report from Closer UK, the Duchess of Sussex has been learning on her close girlfriends to help get her through this tough time in her life.

“Meghan just didn’t realize the scrutiny would feel as intense as it does, and over the last few weeks a reputation is building that she can be difficult,” a source recently revealed to the magazine. “While [Prince] Harry‘s been a great support, she’s also been relying on her girlfriends — speaking and messaging with them daily and crediting them with helping her get through the past few months.”

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Meghan has apparently been getting advice from her good friends Amal Clooney, Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams. “Amal, Priyanka and Serena know what it’s like to face false stories and public scrutiny, so it’s comforting for Meghan that they understand,” the insider explained.

To try and help Meghan deal with all of the negative backlash she’s been receiving from the public, Amal, 40, reportedly suggested the royal to start focusing on herself while Serena, 37, thinks Meg should meditate more. “Amal urged her to stop looking online as much as possible and Serena has encouraged her to meditate to help her switch-off,” the source said. “Meghan always knew her role would come with a price, but she wasn’t prepared for how hard it’s been.”

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Prince Harry has also been trying to help his wife deal with all the negativity even though he has apparently been feeling very “powerless” in the current situation. A different source previously told Us Weekly that “keeping [Meghan] away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him” and “he’s very frustrated with how little can be done.” Poor Meg! We’re sure that no matter what, Harry will always stand by her side.

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