Now that she’s married to Prince Harry and will be giving birth to his first child this spring, Meghan Markle‘s family tree has never looked so interesting. In fact, the young royal actually comes from a long line of hardworking people who have taught her to never give up and always put her best foot forward.

On August 4, 1981, Meghan’s parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle, welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world. Even though Meghan, 37, is the only child that Thomas, 74, and Doria, 62, have had together, Thomas is actually a proud dad-of-three. He shares his two older kids, Thomas Markle Jr., 53, and Samantha Markle, 54, with his first wife, Roslyn Markle.


The couple got married in 1964 and later divorced in 1975. Four years later, Thomas married Meghan’s mom, Doria, and they stayed happily married until they decided to go their separate ways in 1987. Meghan was only 6 years old at the time.

After Doria and Thomas’ marriage ended, she never remarried. According to heavy, Doria’s father, Alvin Ragland, was an antiques dealer who died at age 82 after tripping on a dog leash in March 2011. Old friends of the dealer once described him to the Daily Mail as a “hardworking” man who would drive to flea markets in a “beat up car packed with junk.”

Alvin welcomed Doria with his first wife, Jeannette Johnson, who was also an insurance company secretary, according to heavy. She later died at age 71 in 2000. After their relationship ended, Alvin went on to marry his second wife, Ava Burrow, a kindergarten teacher when he was 53 years old and Ava was 23. The couple welcomed their son and Doria’s half-brother, Joffrey Ragland, together.

Meghan Markle Doria Ragland
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As for Meghan’s father’s side of the family, her dad is the youngest of two siblings, Frederick Markle, 77, and Michael Markle, 80. Thomas and his brother’s share the same parents, Gordon Markle and Doris Sanders. Gordon died at the beginning of the ’80s in 1982 and Doris later passed away in 2011.