New year, new ideas? That apparently seems to be Meghan Markle‘s 2019 motto, as a report reveals that she’s already introducing some crazy ideas that are driving everyone at the palace mad.

The 37-year-old doesn’t seem to be fazed by the constant criticism she receives, in fact, according to Heat, the Duchess of Sussex is ready to shake things up at the palace in 2019. “Meghan has some crazy ideas this year that are already ruffling feathers,” a Kensington palace insider tells the outlet. What is one of those ideas? Inviting a big-time television personality to Windsor Castle for a private meeting about doing a TV interview. While Queen Elizabeth would need to sign off on such a meeting, Prince Harry‘s lady doesn’t understand why she would need permission.

“She also wants to do a celebrity fundraiser and organize a charity dinner with her famous friends, including Serena Williams and the Clooneys,” the insider continues. “But she’s excluded some members of the royal family that she feels are too ‘stuffy” and old-fashioned in their views.” And Meghan has not been shy at all, according to past reports, of going out of her way and doing everything in her power to get what she wants. It has even gone so far that Life & Style reported that Meghan’s behavior was causing a headache at the palace. “Meghan is a perfectionist and gets stressed if things don’t go her way,” a source told the outlet at the time. “Her diva demands are wreaking havoc at the palace and staff are dropping like flies!”

Meghan Markle
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It also seems like Harry himself has had a tough time getting Meghan to ease up off her demands. “When it comes to her appetite for attention, she’s showing no signs of backing down,” Heat‘s source reveals. “It’s creating a massive headache for Harry.” This may be why Harry has been looking quite grumpy lately. Well, it’s a new year, so let’s hope the tension at the palace will soon settle down. At least for a bit.

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