Just like your family has drama and chaos sometimes, so does the royal family, and according to a source, all these headaches and issues have changed Prince Harry‘s behavior and have not made him a happy camper.

A source close to the palace recently told People that the Duke of Sussex has become “really grumpy,” adding, “Something has changed, and no one can quite put their finger on it. He looks cross with the world.” Well now Harry sounds like every person sitting in traffic during their morning commute. Although we have an inkling as to what may be getting Harry a bit peeved. Perhaps it’s Meghan Markle‘s dad reaching out and begging his daughter to respond. Or maybe it’s because plenty of people believe that Harry’s wife is acting like a diva. Those are just our guesses.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Getty Images

The source did add that part of the tension is coming from Harry’s relationship with his big brother, Prince William. Harry apparently is frustrated at being the “spare” of the “heir and a spare situation,” and not knowing exactly what his role is. The source said, “Harry doesn’t have his own structure like William, whose role [as the future King] is clear-cut and defined. Harry’s isn’t. [He and Meghan] want to do their own thing. And to do that, you need to be away sometimes.”

And that may be why Harry and Meghan will be kicking back at Frogmore Cottage soon, and probably rearranging books or arguing about coasters when they get there. Or whatever it is that royal people do these days. The source does believe that Harry and William will be fine, saying, “The brothers will always come together because they are [Princess] Diana’s sons.”

Harry also has a baby on the way, so of course that may be adding to the stress. He and Meghan won’t be getting as much sleep soon. Well, at least they will when the nanny is around. While Harry may be currently feeling irritated at the moment, we do believe Christmas may up his spirits — especially if grilled kidneys are involved.

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