So many things have changed for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since they moved to Canada. Not only are they taking a step back from their royal duties, but they also get the chance to send their 8-month old son, Archie, to nursery as soon as possible.

“When Meghan was in London she talked about homeschooling Archie. She felt she had no choice because of the negative publicity surrounding the family,” a royal insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “But now they’ve moved to Canada, they’re planning to send Archie to nursery once he’s old enough. Meghan thinks it’s important for her little boy to interact with other kids.”

Baby Archie Being Held by Mom Meghan Markle

Life in Canada will definitely be different for the Sussexes. They’ll have more leeway to raise their son how they want and the first thing they’re going to do is not teach him about royal protocol. “Harry and Meghan are determined to give Archie a normal life — for him to be treated like any other child,” a separate source explained to Closer. “Meghan wasn’t a fan of royal protocol, so Archie won’t be taught any of that!”

Can you blame her? Meghan, 38, received a lot of backlash for not adhering to royal protocol when she first joined the royal family. If anything, she wants life to be different for her son and living in Canada is just the beginning.

“To be honest, Harry’s always been heavily involved in Archie’s upbringing. Just as much as Meghan. But now he’s getting to spend more quality time with Archie without any interruptions and his phone ringing non-stop,” the source added. “He’s already got a new cell number and has only given it out to a select few.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Africa - 25 Sep 2019

Their kid is also growing up to be one of the most fashionable royals yet. “Archie has a completely different wardrobe to [Prince] William and Kate [Middleton]‘s kids,” another insider revealed. “Ugg boots, organic Baby Gap sweaters, beanies, puffer jackets, cute tiny sneakers are just a few of the cool items he has. He already owns a pair of blue wellies.”

With a wardrobe like that, Archie won’t have any problems making friends once he starts nursery!