The stunning Meghan Markle is living out a real-life fairytale as she plans to wed Prince Harry. But not everyone is thrilled for the happy couple — in fact, far from it! Palace insiders have revealed to Woman’s Day that Princesses Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are seething, and can’t believe Queen Elizabeth has been so accepting of Harry’s relationship. Just as they’ve felt about the Kate Middleton since she married Prince William in 2011, they’re determined to bring 36-year-old Meghan down.

“Beatrice and Eugenie are known for being terribly snobby and are also very spoilt by their father [Prince Andrew], who constantly complains to the Queen his daughters have been pushed to the side to make room for Prince Charles and his sons — and now their partners,” one royal insider says.

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“This is nothing new, but now they’re taking their frustrations out on Meghan. They didn’t like Kate because they saw her as common, but that’s nothing compared to how horrified they are at Harry marrying an American actress! They’re sniping that their grandmother is letting the family go to the dogs by allowing this.”

Another palace source spills, “There are sour grapes from Eugenie because she’s best friends with Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas and was the one who introduced them. She’d have loved them to end up together.”

They continued to say, “Beatrice and Eugenie are not about to welcome Meghan with open arms and it’s a real shame. If they gave her the time of day they’d actually like her but they’re determined to make 
her feel ostracized and refuse 
to have anything to do with her.” The palace insider says Beatrice and Eugenie are also furious they’re being pipped 
at the post once more when it comes to saying I do.

Eugenie has been waiting with bated breath for some time for her boyfriend of six years, Jack Brooksbank, to pop the question. And Beatrice was heartbroken in late 2016 when her boyfriend of 10 years, Dave Clarke, called time on their romance, only to get engaged to a US advertising executive six months later.

Thankfully, however, she 
has the full support of Harry’s brother, Prince William, and a true 
ally in his wife Kate, 35, who herself has faced the wrath 
of Beatrice and Eugenie 
on countless occasions. “Kate has suffered the wrath 
of Beatrice and Eugenie in the past and wasn’t immediately accepted by everyone. She’s become wise to the ways of the palace and has taken Meghan under her wing.”

Another royal source said, “Kate couldn’t have been more welcoming to Meghan 
and is probably grateful to have a new friend at the palace, too. She’s telling Meghan to ignore Beatrice and Eugenie’s b**ching, and it seems the royal-to-be is doing her best to heed her advice. They’re going to be family soon, and the future sisters-in-law plan to stick together.”

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