It certainly sounds like Thomas Markle may have to think of another way to get his daughter to respond. For weeks now, Meghan Markle‘s father has been desperately trying to get her attention. From going on interviews, to claiming that the Duchess of Sussex was once a “daddy’s girl,” the 74-year-old has not let up in trying to reconnect with his daughter. But regardless of what he does, a report is now revealing that Meghan will be all about continuing to ignore her dad moving forward.

A royal source told Grazia that “Meghan’s strategy has always been to ignore her father’s comments and not give into his demands.” The source added, “There have been talks about the palace in crises, but the truth is they’re sticking to their guns and Meghan is determined not to change her approach. It is very doubtful there will be a change of stance.” Another source doubled-down and said, “There are no crises talks. The plan is simple, Meghan will continue to ignore her father. But many observers feel that there is only one way to sort this mess, and that is for Meghan and [Prince] Harry to meet privately with Thomas — and then get him to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.”

Thomas Markle

This isn’t the first time the royal family has dealt with a major headache, as according to BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond, the family “[Princess] Diana frequently fell out with her mother and went through long periods of refusing to talk to her.” Jennie continues, “I’m sure the Queen will be saddened to see yet another rift, but I don’t think the family will apply any pressure on Meghan. They will let her deal with it as she sees fit.” Jennie adds. “She is just doing what she feels is right in this situation.”

Meghan Markle
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While Meghan and the palace continue to worry about Thomas, it is child’s play compared with what they have had to deal with in Samantha Markle. Meghan’s sister has gone off the rails and bashed Meghan so often, that she has reportedly been put on the “fixated persons list.” Stay tuned to see how all of this family drama turns out.

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