He’s not giving up. Meghan Markle and her estranged father, Thomas Markle, have had quite the tumultuous relationship ever since he backed out of attending her wedding in May. And while he’s been trying to contact his little girl for months, now that she’s expecting her first baby with husband Prince Harry, he’s allegedly hoping she’ll give him another chance.

“Thomas is praying Meghan will give him one last chance this holiday season,” an insider shared with Grazia. “He’s clinging to the fact that Christmas was such a special time for them growing up, and hoping against hope that her heart will soften and she’ll at least pick up the phone and patch things up.”

The source added, “Thomas is now praying for a Christmas reprieve. He can act bullish after being frozen out in such a brutal fashion, and he goes through moments where he wants to speak out again. But then common sense takes over and he realizes it’ll only drive him further away. He wants a call by Christmas and is desperate not to give up hope.”

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Meghan, 37, allegedly hasn’t spoken to her dad since he failed to walk her down the aisle at her wedding (days before, he staged a photo shoot with paparazzi). Following the nuptials, Thomas has engaged in a plethora of public interviews as a cry to his daughter, however, he’s bashed both her and the royal family during the sit-downs. And he’s not the only one! Her estranged half-sister Samantha Markle’s social media rants and TV appearances are nothing but exhausting.

But all of their public outbursts aren’t working, and Tom is reportedly out of ideas. “He’s growing impatient and there’s talk of more blabbing if he doesn’t get some encouragement very soon. When you see Samantha piping up with more ramblings, it’s usually a signal he’s not far behind,” the insider added.


Unfortunately, royal biographer Robert Jobson told Grazia he doesn’t think there’s a chance for reconciliation despite Meg’s first baby being on the way. “I don’t think they’ll make any special allowances for Thomas,” he shared. “I can’t see him being involved at all. When the news of the pregnancy broke, I asked Harry and Meghan whether Thomas had been alerted. But they just said, ‘No comment.’ So that’s the way they’re dealing with things and that’s how they will continue, There’s a reason for her rejection, but we don’t know what it is. It seems very complicated; families are difficult. But this one won’t go away.”

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