Since joining the royal family after marrying Prince Harry in May, Meghan Markle has been known to stretch the boundaries of royal fashion protocol. Always making a huge statement during royal outings, the pregnant Duchess was recently seen proudly wearing one of the most meaningful accessories she received from a fan while on tour in Australia — a homemade necklace crafted out of ribbon and gold-painted pasta.

Six-year-old Gavin Hazelwood, who was adorably dressed as a Qantas Airways pilot (the flag carrier of Australia), gave the 37-year-old Duchess a handmade necklace as the couple greeted fans in Melbourne on Oct. 17, reported by journalist Rohan Smith. Gavin designed the darling necklace earlier that morning after telling his mom that he felt sick, just so he could skip school and make the necklace for Meghan.

The necklace was crafted with black and white ribbon and embellished with gold-painted pasta. At the royal meet-and-greet, Gavin also decorated himself a sign in hopes to stand out that read, “I made you a necklace,” with hearts drawn all around. Gavin’s wish came true, and the brunette beauty supposedly approached the adorable young boy. He then gave Meghan the necklace he custom-made for her. Though the grateful Duchess was already sporting some beautiful pieces of jewelry, she did not hesitate to pair the homemade necklace with her navy Dion Lee dress.

Getty Images

It seems as though wearing significant jewelry is one of Meghan’s many fortes. Just a few days ago, the Duchess was spotted wearing her late mother-in-law’s breathtaking butterfly earrings, the ones that Princess Diana wore on a trip to Canada in 1986, as well as Diana’s gold bracelet that she wore while visiting East London in 1990. On the day of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the Duchess wore Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring that she famously wore to an auction of her own clothes in 1997. And now, the pasta necklace while in Australia! Meghan wearing the homemade accessory that Gavin made just for her really shows how much she cares about her fans. We’re just wondering if Gavin can make us one next!

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