Poor Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex has allegedly been banned from running the London Marathon in April 2019. According to Radar Online, the royal family thinks it would be “unseemly” for Prince Harry‘s wife to participate in the event.

And the 37-year-old isn’t happy about it. “Meghan values her freedom above everything else, and she was hoping being able to participate in the London marathon would show the world she is her own woman who does not have to take orders from the royal family,” a source told the news outlet.

meghan markle
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In a previous interview, Meghan’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, claimed his little girl is being “stifled” by the royal family like Princess Diana was before her death. “She was especially intent on doing it after her father embarrassed her again by saying she is being trapped and ordered around by the royals in the same way Diana was,” the insider added.

Unfortunately for Meghan, the royal aides aren’t budging. “But Meghan has been told in no uncertain terms there is no chance in hell she will be able to run in next year’s London marathon,” the source continued. “She has been told it is because of security — but knows the real reason is because royal protocol dictates that it is unseemly for senior royals to be seeing sweating away in workout gear with a public mob.”

Meghan even tried getting them to allow her to run half of the course, especially since the event is for charity. “Any suggestion Meghan made was rebuffed and it was insisted the reason she couldn’t take part in the marathon was fears she is a kidnap and terror target,” the insider claimed.

But Meghan is calling their bluff. The source shared, “However, she knows it’s rubbish as the royals regularly cheer on the racers and it is one of the most closely monitored events in the UK by the police.” Even though Meghan reportedly won’t be able to run in the marathon, knowing her, we bet she’ll still make a hefty donation to the cause!

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