Martin Scorsese is an iconic film director, producer, screenwriter and actor, but it looks like he just added “rising TikTok star” to his résumé
! The Goodfellas creator made his hilarious TikTok debut on daughter Francesca Scorsese‘s page and joined in on a funny trend.

Martin, 78, appeared in the comical clip, which shows him guessing the name of feminine products, on Tuesday, April 27. “I will probably regret posting this but …. he actually did much better than I thought,” Francesca, 21, jokingly penned in the caption.

Courtesy of Francesca Scorses/TikTok

In the video, the Irishman producer could be seen next to his youngest child as makeup and other cosmetic products appeared through a green screen. As images of the items popped up one by one, Martin took a stab at guessing the product’s purpose.

“That is for your eyes, you know, mascara,” the doting dad proclaimed as a photo of an eyelash curler popped on the screen. Francesca was pleasantly surprised by her famous father’s correct answer, exclaiming “Oh!” before moving on to the next pic.

“Well … uh … ,” Martin hesitated while trying to guess the pink beauty blender. “Well … it’s some sort of cosmetic thing.” When a snapshot of a menstrual cup showed up next, Martin comically shouted, “That’s a flagon!”

As the clip continued, the Academy Award winner expressed his frustration when a pic of a bobby pin arose. “C’mon, what is this?!” he said as Francesca giggled in the background. “You’re wasting my time!”


By the end of the heartwarming video, Martin had only racked up a few correct answers. Still, the Taxi Driver director and the We Are Who We Are actress put on quite the funny spectacle for fans, who filled the comments section with messages of praise.

“It’s so nice that the greatest American director of all time is also seemingly such a sweet and genuine person. Thanks for sharing,” one TikTok user penned, while another echoed, “Thank you for the Marty content!” A third chimed in, writing, “Can’t stop rewatching this.”

Martin is the dad of his youngest child, Francesca, with his wife of more than two decades, Helen Morris. Prior to marrying Helen in 1999, the Golden Globe winner became the dad of his older daughter, Cathy Scorsese, with his first wife, Laraine Marie Brennan, followed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, whom he shares with second spouse Julia Cameron.