Everyone is loving Marie Osmond‘s latest hair changes, but no one loves it more than her little grandkids.

“My grandkids are like, ‘Oh, are you blonde today? Are you wearing that stuff on your head? How do you wrap you hair? Let me see the braid! But they’re so curious, especially my granddaughter,” the 60-year-old exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “Oh, it’s so cute. My little granddaughter Rocket, they went to Disneyland and she asked [her] mommy to color her hair pink. They said, ‘Grandma colors her hair.'” Aww! The entertainer’s daughter Rachel is also all about doing hair.

“My daughter knows how to do hair, she’ll do little blonde rinses in or little pink rinses or something like that. But [Rocket] feels really pretty, like a princess,” the “Paper Roses” singer continues. “It’s not going to hurt them and it’s fun, and you know I always tell my grandkids this is much easier than a tattoo!” In fact, Rocket definitely looks up to Marie.

“My granddaughter dressed up as me in Vegas one night. She had on my exact same green outfit,” the TV personality adds. “I think I posted it on my Instagram but she walked out on stage and she was wearing a wig that looked kind of like my hair and the shoes and it was so cute.”

Marie turned heads when she debuted her new hair on The Talk on February 11 — a look that was done by hairstylist, Cody Renegar.

“You know, I’ve worked with quite a few celebrities in my career and I’ve never had a type of experience where someone is so just extremely here for other people and not themselves,” Cody shared exclusively with Closer. “I’m here, I’m committed and I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks and I’m already sold on Marie. It’s a completely different experience and I’m totally here for it.”

We have to say that we are completely here for Marie’s hair too!

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