Singer Marie Osmond is not playing around! She shared her four best photos that best exemplify the social media networks LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and the popular dating app Tinder for the viral “Dolly Parton challenge.”

For her Facebook photo, Marie, 60, used a pic of her snuggling up next to her grandkids because Facebook is very family friendly. Then, for LinkedIn, the Talk cohost used a professional photo of her smiling in a red blazer for the job-seeking app. For Instagram, she shared a great photo of her on stage. Then, for Tinder, there was a sizzling-hot snap of Marie biting onto a chain with her hair out of place.

Ken McKay/Shutterstock

Since she did the challenge on Monday, January 27, Marie has received thousands of likes from her fans. Some of them even took to the comments section to show just how much she slayed the social media challenge.

“Love all the photos but my favorite one is Facebook. Family is everything,” one fan wrote. Another said, “Love the Tinder shot with the leather look!! ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥.” A third added, “Gorgeous in every format!❤️.” We couldn’t agree more!

It’s hard to choose which look we liked the most because Marie, 60, looked so pretty in them all. In fact, it’s hard to believe she used to be very insecure about her body when she was younger. “From the time I started Donny & Marie, age 15, I did starvation,” the “Meet Me in Montana” singer confessed to Fox News. “I would literally starve myself for three days before taping, drinking lemon water and cayenne pepper with maple syrup so I can be skinny.”

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“One day, I was taken out into a parking lot and one of the studio people told me that if I didn’t drop 10 pounds, they were going to cancel the show,” she added. “They said I was an embarrassment to my family and I needed to keep the food out of my fat face.”

But with faith on her side, Marie was able to overcome all of the negativity in her life. “Pick yourself back up,” she previously told Closer Weekly about her greatest life lesson. It applies to everything: bad relationships, dark things that sometimes happen, people who take advantage of you or hurt you — everything!”

“I believe in faith; I believe in hope; I believe in a positive attitude. I am not naïve,” she continued. “I have lived through a lot of ups and downs. I really think the greatest gift we can leave our children is to teach them how to get back up after they fall down.”