You don’t get to become a 59-year-old music superstar like Marie Osmond without learning a few life lessons along the way! For Marie, the music industry was anything but easy and it didn’t help that she was constantly being criticized for her heavy weight as a teen. It took Marie some time before she could tune out all of her critics and learn to love herself. In a new interview with Closer Weekly, Marie said that the greatest life lesson that she’s learned is to “pick yourself back up.”

“It applies to everything: bad relationships, dark things that sometimes happen, people who take advantage of you or hurt you — everything!” she explained. “I believe in faith; I believe in hope; I believe in a positive attitude. I am not naive. I have lived through a lot of ups and downs. I really think the greatest gift we can leave our children is to teach them how to get back up after they fall down.”

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Marie had to learn how to have a tough skin growing up because if she didn’t, then her unhealthy relationship with food would have taken control over her life. “I was born into show business — that will give anyone an unhealthy relationship with food,” Marie confessed. “All my life, I would take off weight on a fad diet and then put it back on. I had pretty much given up.”

Though Marie felt defeated by her fluctuating weight, she still wouldn’t let herself get angry about the things that she couldn’t change. And in return, this was how Marie learned to overcome her problems.

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Marie in 2006 (left) and 2016 (right).

“I do not believe that anger solves anything. Period. Anger stirs, anger justifies. The only way to fix anything is to understand it and don’t let it own you,” she explained. “You must let go and move forward. That doesn’t mean you forget and allow yourself to continue to be abused. No. Learn, grow and move forward. Hate and anger are just a bad spiral downward.”

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