So sweet! There’s nothing like a sibling bond, especially the tight one between Marie Osmond and Donny Osmond. Marie has eight brothers, and while she’s extremely close with all of them, she specifically has a very special relationship with Donny, who is two years her senior.

“We can finish each other’s sentences and we know what each other’s thinking, but we never see eye-toeye. That’s our chemistry: it’s toxic. [Laughs],” the 59-year-old icon exclusively told Closer Weekly while noting that they have their differences as well. “We are very different people. He loves everything organized and structured, while I like to breathe within the structure of the show. I’m always throwing a curveball at him. He goes crazy and it makes me laugh so I keep doing it.”

The two have been inseparable for years. In 1976, their show, Donny & Marie, aired, and it made them (Donny was 18 and Marie was 16 at the time) the youngest entertainers in television history to host their own hit variety show.

Donny, 61, and Marie have also been performing together for some time now, and they’re currently on the 11th year of their popular Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel. That said, we imagine they’ll continue their partnership for many more decades considering Marie said she “loves working” with Donny in his recent birthday shout-out on Instagram

Donny Osmond Marie Osmond
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Marie has always made it clear how much she loves and appreciates Donny — and she even joked that he’s the sister she never had. “I never had a sister growing up,” she quipped to Closer. “Donny was the closest thing!” Too funny…

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