Happy Birthday, Donny Osmond! On Sunday, Dec. 9, Marie Osmond took to Instagram to post a sweet birthday message to her older brother as he celebrated turning 61. And that’s not the best part — she also shared a throwback clip of the two on Donny & Marie ringing in Donny’s 21st birthday back in 1978!

Happy Birthday, Donny! Happy Birthday today to my brother Donny!!! I love working with you bro. 👍♥️We celebrated his 61st at the end of our last Christmas show on Friday because he and his wife Debbie took off right after the show for Italy to see their son who’s coming home from his mission. 😘♥️I love this video of him on his 21st birthday, and now here it is 40 years later. #TimeFliesWhenYoureGettingOld 😂,” Marie, 59, wrote on Instagram. Check out Marie’s post to Donny below! 


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The singer and mom-of-eight then wrote a touching message to her fans about the life lessons she’s learned over the years. “The one thing life has shown me is ‘we are born and we die,’ but what matters most is what we do in between. That was never more apparent than the life of George [H.W.] Bush. The coverage of his death was such a celebration of life! It’s always been interesting to see at the end of a person’s life who steps forward to honor them,” Marie wrote. “I met George Bush at Ronald Reagan’s inauguration when I performed with my brother Donny. My mom loved his wife Barbara [Bush] for the incredible example of womanhood she was and held her in great esteem.”

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“One of the many things that hit my heart were all the letters he wrote and how much they meant to the recipients! One that stood out to me was ‘advice to young people’ I enjoyed it so much I immediately knew I wanted to share it here in this Sunday post. 1.) Don’t get down when your life takes a bad turn. Out of adversity comes challenge and often success. 2.) Don’t blame others for your setbacks. 3.) When things go well, always give credit to others. 4.) Don’t talk all the time, listen to your friends and mentors and learn from them. 5.) Give someone else a hand. When a friend is hurting, show that friend you care. 6.) Nobody likes an overbearing big shot. Let others point out your virtues and your strong points. 7.) As you succeed, be kind to people. Thank those who help you along the way. 8.) Don’t be afraid to shed a tear when your heart is broken because a friend is hurting. 9) Say your prayers! His life example has made me want to be a better person… a little kinder, a little gentler… I like that! ♥️#Happy #Sunday,” Marie wrote.