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Marie Osmond Gives Helpful Advice Amid Coronavirus: ‘We Can Spread Peace as Easily as Fear’

We can always count on Marie Osmond. The beloved Talk cohost offered a glimmer of hope as she shared some advice with fans on how to “spread peace” instead of fear amid the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

“If you look closely at the photo … it’s me!” the 60-year-old songstress captioned a photo of her face drawn onto cultural icon Rosie the Riveter. “My face was painted to look like the famous #WeCanDoIt poster from 1943!”

Marie Osmond and daughter-in-law Claire

In her lengthy message, Marie explained how Americans have “turned back” to the days of Rosie the Riveter — who represented thousands of women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. Considering COVID-19 has become widespread across the U.S., the Donny & Marie star pointed out how millions of Americans have come together to help defeat the deadly virus.

“Remember the helpers Mr. Rodgers told us to look for?” she continued in her post. “Well, they are companies like Ford, GM and Dyson, who have started retooling to make much-needed ventilators. There are also regular people who are delivering food to quarantined healthcare workers and going in to soup kitchens to box up meals for seniors, children and others in need. We are giving Rosie a run for her money right now!!”

The Key is Love author then revealed she had an epiphany after knocking “a big bottle of peppermint oil” off the table and onto the floor. Although Marie joked that she must not have the virus considering she could smell it “as soon” as she started cleaning up, she explained why she “could see how easily the virus was like the oil in the bottle.”

Photo Courtesy of Marie Osmond/Instagram

“Last night, I put a load of laundry in the wash and forgot the towels that I used to clean up the mess were mixed in! When I put them in the dryer, I realized the oil was on every single thing because I washed them all together,” she dished. “It was sobering to see not only how fast it could go, but how I didn’t even realize it was happening. Fear travels just as fast as that oil and the virus.”

However, Marie said she “also realized peace can be spread” just as quickly as fear. “During these times it’s easy to be afraid — we have good reason!” she assured. “Our health and livelihoods are on the line … if we choose, we can spread peace as easily as fear. We have no control over the mile long list of things the virus has taken from us but what we do have control over is finding some good in all of this.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Marie and husband Steve Craig have been quarantined at their home in Utah. The Dancing With the Stars alum gushed it’s “been a blessing to have that time together” after spending many years juggling parenthood and her hectic Hollywood career.

We hope Marie and her family are staying safe during this unprecedented pandemic.

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