The ‘Life Goes On’ Cast Are Doing Big Things! Find Out What Happened to Chris Burke and Costars

If you’re all about nostalgic TV shows, then you probably know all about Chris Burke‘s hit series Life Goes On. The show, which followed the life of the Thatcher family, was centered around Chris’ character Corky, who struggled with Down syndrome.

The series ran on ABC from 1989 to 1993 and, once it ended, Chris and costars Tracey Needham, Bill Smitrovich, Patti LuPone, and Kellie Martin went onto bigger and better things. During a previous episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Chris recalled his amazing road to stardom and said the best part about it for him was being on TV.

“It’s real great to be known on TV. I had the opportunity to do something that I always wanted to do, and now I have done it,” he explained.

Since there are not that many TV shows about people who have Down syndrome, Chris is just happy that he was able to show America what it’s like to have it. “It really shows we all have different talents, and stick at what you’re good at,” he said. “It’s not about performing disabilities. It’s about performing abilities. That’s the message.”

Chris’ costar Kellie also rose to fame after Life Goes On. To this day, she says people still tweet about her character’s death on the show. “It’s very sweet that people are still so traumatized by my death,” she shared to Bustle in a 2017 interview. “Not a day goes by on Twitter where I don’t get a bunch of messages about people being traumatized that Lucy got stabbed.”

After Life Goes On, Kellie learned that she can be a lot more than just an actress. It’s her dream to be either a director or a producer one day!

“I will say, behind the scenes, it is stunning to me that I have only worked with less than 10 female directors in my 34 years as an actress, less than 10,” Kellie explained. “I don’t know what we need to do to change that.”

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