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Leah Remini Gets Sweet Embrace From Husband Angelo Pagan After Lunch Date in Malibu

Second Act actress Leah Remini and husband Angelo Pagan sure have the hots for each other. The 49-year-old star couldn’t stop smiling when Angelo grabbed her from behind after their quick lunch date in Malibu, California. He wrapped his arms around her and wouldn’t let go.

The Swordfish actor even flashed a smile after he saw how much his beloved was enjoying the PDA. The whole time Leah didn’t move an inch when Angelo embraced her. Since she was shuffling for something inside her bag, she leaned her head over on his as if she was reciprocating the backwards hug her beau was giving her. All in all, it was a very sweet moment.

The King of Queens star recalled the first time she saw her husband during a previous appearance on the RuPaul Show. She said they met in a club and it felt like lust at first sight.

“We just told this story to our daughter and I was like, ‘This is like the most horrendous,'” she joked. “Like you always imagined like Daddy and I met and it was beautiful.” But in all actuality, the way she met Angelo was anything but a typical love story.

“I saw him across [the room and] I was like, ‘Damn! What time do you get off?'” Leah laughed. “I was like everything wrong. Everything that you shouldn’t do as a girl is ask a guy when he gets off work, hit it real quick and there was a lot of that. It was all bad looks.”

Leah then got very serious when she recalled her 13-year marriage with Angelo. “It’s a beautiful love story because we did go through — we did have a hard time in the beginning,” she admitted. “We didn’t meet under the best circumstances. We got counseling. I mean, it was not an easy road. So I’m saying these things to be funny once again but the truth of the matter is, he’s my rock.”

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