Kristen Bell never holds back when it comes to sharing her parenting methods. The Good Place actress opened up about her decision to let her two young daughters, Delta and Lincoln, drink non-alcoholic beer. 

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday, July 24, Kristen, 43, shared that her kids have “ordered non-alcoholic beers at restaurants.” The mom of two admitted that it “sounds insane” but assured the audience that “context is important.”

For Delta, 8, and Lincoln, 9, their affinity for the alcohol-free beverage began after taking walks around the neighborhood with their dad, Dax Shepard, amid his sobriety journey.

“He’s a recovering addict,” Kristen said of her husband. “But he likes non-alcoholic beer, so he’d pop one open, he’d have [our oldest daughter] on his chest and we’d walk and look at the sunset.”

Kristen Bell Shares Reason Kids Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer 
Courtesy of Kristen Bell/Instagram

Lincoln got her first taste of the zero percent alcohol drink when she was just a tot.

“As a baby, she was pawing at it, and sometimes she’d suck on the rim of it,” Kristen explained. “So, I think it feels to her like something special, something daddy, something family.”

These days, both Lincoln and Delta have continued to ask for non-alcoholic beer when they go out to eat with their parents. 

“We’ve been at restaurants where she’s said, ‘Do you have any non-alcoholic beer?’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe we just keep that for home time,'” Kristen reflected. 

Though her kids’ choice of beverage sounds a bit unconventional to some, Kristen does not think there is any harm in letting Delta and Lincoln enjoy it whenever they want. 

“But then I’m sort of like, you can judge me if you want, I’m not doing anything wrong,” she added. “That’s your problem.”

The conversation about non-alcoholic beer came just two months after Kristen sustained a nose injury after practicing martial arts with Delta. 

“Minor jujitsu injury … took some teeth to the nose. Will recover,” Kristen’s candid May 17 Instagram caption read. “You should see the other guy!!!! (She is 8, the fruit of my loins and has big, sharp, buck teeth.)”

While Kristen walked away with a small gash on her nose and redness surrounding the area, she has since made a full recovery. 

Delta and Lincoln have definitely been showing their personalities more as they’ve gotten older, including inheriting their mom’s resilience and hilarious comedy chops. 

The Veronica Mars alum once joked that if a movie was made based on her life, it would be called “My Kids Keep Me Grounded.”