Is the king of TV planning on making a return to his famous residence at 3121 Aberdeen St. in Rego Park, Queens? Kevin James revealed if he has completely ruled out the possibility of reviving King of Queens in the future.

“They were asking me about [reviving] King of Queens, and I don’t think that’s possible because a third of that big core cast is gone,” he admitted in an interview with the New York Post published on Monday, January 29.

Kevin, 58, starred in the sitcom alongside Jerry Stiller and Leah Remini. Stiller died in May 2020 at age 92 from natural causes.

“Jerry Stiller was such an amazing part of [our] show,” the Grown Ups actor said. “To me, it would be hard to do it without him and I don’t know how that would work.”

Last week, Kevin appeared on Today, where he further discussed how big of an impact the late comedian had on King of Queens.

“You cannot do it because of Jerry. How do you do that without Jerry? He was amazing,” he said during the appearance.

While filling the void that Stiller left is impossible, Kevin did hint that some shows have continued to thrive after being rebooted.

“It can work — they did it with Frasier [on Paramount+] … but it depends on the show and the story and if there’s more to tell or if you’re just getting back together to get back together,” he reflected. “It’s tough to recapture that nostalgia, it really is.”

Actors Jerry Stiller and Kevin James and actress Leah Remini on red carpet
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Kevin starred in the sitcom Kevin Can Wait from 2016 to 2018 before it was canceled. He reunited with Leah, 53, on the show after she was brought on to play the new female lead. King of Queens fans were delighted to see them work together again but hoped it wouldn’t be the last time.

“[The King of Queens] was a moment in time, and that was just so great, and I miss it and loved it — but it might be hard to get that back again,” he added.

Last year, the show’s cast celebrated 25 years since the season 1 premiere. Kevin took to Instagram to reflect on the milestone, writing, “25 years ago today, we aired. I am so incredibly blessed to have taken this ride with the insanely talented @leahremini and Jerry Stiller. I love you both so much … and thank you to the GREATEST FANS in the world.”