If you take a look at Kevin Costner‘s film resume, you will notice that there are plenty of films that aren’t exactly family friendly — however, the actor admits that eventually he will be completely alright with his kids watching all of his movies.

The 64-year-old made an appearance at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday, August 1 for the premiere of his latest film, The Art of Racing in the Rain — a film that is for all ages. Although, this isn’t really a type of movie that the Oscar winner is known for doing. “I think this movie translates to — but I think it can pass right through the eyes of children,” Kevin explained. “I think it’s a generational watch. I think you can watch it with your grandparents … I could watch it with my grandchildren.”

Kevin Costner
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The Dances With Wolves star even plans to let his children watch all of his works someday too. “Actually all of my films I’m going to be comfortable with them watching, you know?” he said. “They’re not ready for all of them and the ones that they are, they have their standing invite. The ones that they’re not, they’re going to have to get to 13 and then have to get to 21.

The A-lister has seven kids — Annie, 35, Lily 32, Joseph, 31, Liam, 23, Cayden, 12, Hayes, 10, Grace, 9 — although he isn’t exactly sure that any of them have a favorite when it comes to one of his films. ” I don’t know that they do,” Kevin joked. “We don’t ask — you know, we don’t deal with movies outside the line of doing movies. I mean, my children think I live in a trailer.” The Hollywood star is of course all about his kids — he once gushed just how much fatherhood truly means to him.

Kevin Costner
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“Movies are magic, and they’ve always been magic to me. You get to play heroes in the movies, but there’s a moment in time where you’re just a father and you get to go home,” The Bodyguard costar once said. “I have played two roles in my life, one I get paid to do, which is the movies, and the other one is being a father, for which I’ll be rewarded my whole life.” So sweet!