From Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz to Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, there have been plenty of noteworthy Oscar snubs throughout the years. And with the 2018 Academy Awards coming up, there are bound to be more added to the list. Scroll down to see our top 10 biggest Oscar snubs in Academy Awards history!

Citizen Kane

Now considered the greatest film of all time, Orson Welles’ 1941 media-mogul saga lost best picture to the bland How Green Was My Valley. “That was a gigantic snub,” says Arnold Wayne Jones, author of The Envelope, Please: The Ultimate Academy Awards Trivia Book.

The Wizard of Oz

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Forget Kansas, Hollywood blew off Oz, which won only two awards, for best score and song (“Over the Rainbow”), and Judy Garland wasn’t even nominated! But 1939 was a tough year: Oz lost out as best picture to Gone With the Wind.

Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg’s WWII opus losing best picture to the rom-com Shakespeare in Love was the now-disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein’s most shocking upset victory.

Barbara Streisand

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When she was passed over as best director for The Prince of Tides, “it was a slight not just to her, but to all women directors,” says Jones.

Alfred Hitchcock

The Master of Suspense never won best director! Despite making classics like 1960’s Psycho (with Janet Leigh), “he worked in a genre a lot of people don’t have respect for,” says Jones.

Leonardo DiCaprio

kate winslet leonardo dicaprio

Though he finally won for The Revenant, Leo was left out in the cold for Titanic. That’s because, says Jones, “the real star of the movie was James Cameron,” who took home best director and best picture.


Martin Scorsese’s explosive 1990 gangster epic lost best picture to Kevin Costner’s wishy-washy Western Dances With Wolves? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Cary Grant

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He received only two noms, for Penny Serenade and None But the Lonely Heart, and never won an Oscar. His Philadelphia Story costar Katharine Hepburn won four. Maybe Cary made it look too easy

Peter O’Toole

Like Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock, he received an honorary Oscar but never won a competitive award, not even for 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia. He was up for best actor eight times and went home empty-handed.


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Don’t cry for her, but Madonna didn’t get enough best actress votes to earn a nod for the musical Evita. “She wasn’t seen as much of an actress at the time,” says Jones.