There have been quite a few A-list celebrities who have revealed that they are huge fans of Jeopardy! over the years — and Emma Stone is one of them! Host Ken Jennings reflected on the possibility of seeing the Poor Things actress on the iconic competition series in the future.

“Yeah, she wants to be on — and she doesn’t want to be on [Celebrity Jeopardy],” Ken, 49, said during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Mark on Monday, January 22. “She wants to be on real, original recipe Jeopardy! I mean, that’s a hard show.”

The game show veteran went on to say that if the opportunity arises, “We would take her in a heartbeat.” The comments made during the talk show visit with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos came just after Emma, 35, shared her desire to be a contestant on Jeopardy! at some point.

“I would like to go on real Jeopardy!” she told listeners of the “Variety Awards Circuit” podcast on January 18. “That’s my favorite show. I don’t want to go on Celebrity Jeopardy! I really want to earn my stripes. I would really like to go on real Jeopardy!

The Oscar winner revealed that she takes the test necessary to appear on the show each year, hoping that she will get called to come compete.

“You can only take it once a year with your email address,” Emma added. “So, every June, I take the quiz. And they don’t tell you how you did. They just say we’ll let you know in the next nine to 12 months if you got on the show and guess what, I haven’t gotten on the show.”

Emma Stone in a black dress at the Critics Choice Awards
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Emma regularly watches Jeopardy!, answering the questions that appear on the screen and keeping a tally of which ones she got right or wrong. Ken, who currently serves as the show’s sole host after the departure of Mayim Bialik, revealed that Emma would have to “go through the same tests” as other folks hoping to land on the show.

“We no longer make people go to the mall or to a hotel to audition for the show,” he told Kelly, 53, and Mark, 52. “I think she might have a leg up, though. She’s probably pretty good on camera.”

Emma’s résumé is certainly impressive, as she was recently awarded top honors at the 2024 Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards for her role of Bella Baxter in Poor Things. It is likely she will be in the running for the Best Actress honor at the 96th Academy Awards in March.