Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings’ enthusiasm for the long-running game show is widely admired by fans. The TV personality is also dedicated to his role as a father of his two kids, Dylan and Caitlin, whom he shares with his wife, Mindy Jennings. Keep scrolling to get to know Ken’s children. 

Who Is Ken Jennings’ Son, Dylan Jennings?

Ken blew viewers away with a 74-game winning streak on Jeopardy! more than a decade before he became one of the official hosts of the program in July 2022. Mayim Bialik splits hosting duties with the former contestant as they continue to honor the legacy of late host Alex Trebek 

During his iconic run on the show as a contestant in 2004, Ken was already a doting dad to his eldest child, Dylan, who was born in 2002. Though the software engineer has remained pretty private about his family after rising to fame, he posted a rare photo of his son on Twitter in October 2022. In the picture, the youngster looked exactly like his father as they attended a Seattle Mariners game at T-Mobile Park.  

“The last time his team made it to the playoffs, this guy wasn’t born yet,” the trivia expert penned. “He just started his sophomore year of college.”

Ken Jennings Kids: 'Jeopardy!' Host Children With Mindy
Courtesy of Ken Jennings/Twitter

Who Is Ken Jennings’ Daughter, Caitlin Jennings? 

Two years after he first wowed Jeopardy! viewers with his trivia knowledge, Ken and Mindy welcomed their daughter, Caitlin, in 2006. The couple have not shared many photos of their daughter on social media but it’s clear the family has an incredibly close bond.  

What Has Ken Jennings Said About Fatherhood?  

When it comes to parenting his kids, Ken’s approach has definitely changed as they’ve gotten older.  

“Parenting is always a moving target: you’re really just responding to the current needs of the kid, which might be different [needs] than six months ago,” the Washington native told Yahoo! Life in August 2021. “So, it’s a lot of listening because the kid will tell you what you need — but it’s not going to be what you expect and it’s not what you remember you needing at their age.” 

It’s no surprise that Ken is kept extremely busy with his hosting schedule and other TV ventures. Still, his main focus remains on being a supportive father to his children. 

“For me, being a dad is a lot like being a cruise director, being the smiling face of the family,” he said. “Like, here are the activities, here’s the good attitude (despite everything) — a rah-rah scoutmaster type. That’s not who I am at my core, but as a dad, you kind of have to turn into that.”