Finding solitude in strange places. Kelly Ripa was once trapped in an elevator in her NYC home — and her reaction was definitely a lot calmer than the average person!

The talk show cohost told the Live With Kelly and Mark audience that recently, a woman spent 15 hours stuck in a gondola lift in Lake Tahoe. “Your worst nightmare happened,” Kelly, 53, told husband Mark Consuelos during the Monday, January 29 episode.

“Her family reported her missing, and I know how claustrophobic you are and I was thinking, like, what would happen?” Kelly continued.

Mark, 52, absolutely hates being enclosed in small spaces and often has nightmares about it.

“I’m thinking about it right now, and the gondolas usually have little windows that you could crack the window,” the dad of three told his longtime spouse. “For me, it’s having fresh air. If I was stuck in an elevator for 15 hours … just talking about it, I would probably have to leave. I can’t think about that, but a gondola I could probably get through.”

Kelly, on the other hand, is OK in situations where most people would have a hard time remaining calm.

“Being trapped in a small space for hours at a time sounds like heaven,” the American Housewife actress explained. “It sounds almost like a vacation.”

Kelly Ripa waves at fans

Kelly brought up a time where she got trapped in the elevator in her and Mark’s former apartment that they shared with their kids, Michael, Lola and Joaquin.

“Remember when I was trapped in the elevator when we lived downtown? I was trapped in the elevator for two hours. The fire department had to come, and [I was] listening to Mark struggle with the kids because I could hear them through the elevator shaft,” she reflected. “I was on my computer. I got all of my work done. I got everything done.”

Kelly continued, “You would hear the kids like, ‘Mommy are you OK?’ And then they would start fighting and then they would fight with Mark. Mark was like, ‘Are you OK? Do you need anything?’ I was like, ‘Just leave me alone.’”

During the same episode of Live, Mark discussed the upcoming Super Bowl after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game on January 28.

“That guy. That quarterback [Patrick] Mahomes is so good, it’s annoying,” the Riverdale actor told the audience as he was met with mixed responses.