Social media has influenced the way we portray our lives nowadays, and Kelly Clarkson just admitted that her marraige isn’t as picturesque as it may appear on Instagram. During her Facebook live on Nov. 13, the American Idol winner proved that she does more than just sing about relationships — she also gives advice about them.

Despite having a trusting and loving one herself, Kelly admitted that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. “If I sat here and told you that everything was perfect, that’d be a damn lie in anybody’s relationship,” the “Since U Been Gone” singer insisted. “But you have to work at it.”

When a fan asked how she manages to not keep a score in her marriage with hubby Brandon Blackstock, Kelly had a quick answer. “I don’t think it’s a score. I think it’s keeping a tally of how many discussions you’ve had,” the 36-year-old said. “I think it’s that. Honestly, it goes both ways. Like my husband feels like he constantly needs to talk about the same thing; I feel like the same thing with him. There’s always things you’re working on.”

Kelly believes that she and Brandon, 41, are able to work past their issues because of their level of maturity. In fact, the mom-of-two thanks timing for her successful marriage. “You’re already an evolved human,” Kelly said of the couple that began dating when she was 30 years old. “You already got, kind of a good grasp of who you are [in your thirties].”

She also says that meeting Brandon at the time that she did allowed her to enjoy her twenties to the fullest — something she stressed the importance of very much during her live stream Q&A. When a fan asked if 22 is too young to get married, Kelly did not hesitate to share her feelings towards the question. “Yes! Your twenties are such an instrumental part of building your character,” she explained.

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The “Piece by Piece” singer then shared some dating advice that was given to her. “Somebody said this to me a long time ago — family, friends, finance, and faith… If you do not have at least two of those in common, walk away ’cause it ain’t gonna work,” she warned. “Maybe if you’re 22 and have at least two of those, then OK.”

It looks like Kelly just shared her secret for a long-lasting marriage. Hey, if it’s working well for Kelly, there’s no trouble in following in her footsteps!