Everything Christmas star Katherine Barrell’s love story is just like a Hallmark movie brought to life! The TV actress has been married to her husband, Ray Galletti, since 2017.

Who Is Ray Galetti?

The Canadian actress met Ray while working on the 2015 film My Ex-Ex. The pair got engaged in 2016 and walked down the aisle the following year.

Katherine’s husband has earned more than 60 acting credits from appearances in Pretty Hard Cases, Workin’ Moms, Dark Matter and more. Like his wife, Ray landed a role in one of Hallmark’s 2023 Christmas films called Flipping for Christmas. Ray portrayed the character Antonio in the home improvement-centered holiday movie, which was directed by Katherine.

“I had such a blast directing this movie,” Katherine said of the project in a November 2023 Instagram post. “I poured my heart into it in hopes that for two hours, your heart will feel light, happy and full of joy! It was a life-changing experience to make this movie. Please watch and cheer on the most kind, talented and generous cast and crew!”

The Canadian Screen Award winner reflected on what it’s like to be married to a fellow actor.

“For all the stress of having two people working in a very unpredictable industry brings, I think for us, it brings a lot more positivity because we really understand what each other is going through,” she said in an interview on the BOUNCE TimeOut Instagram account in March 2021. “I really love that about our relationship, and I think we give each other the space to sort of go through, you know, if we’re in a creative slump or not feeling great about something we get it, which I’m so grateful for.”

Does Katherine Barrell Have Children?

In September 2021, Katherine and Ray welcomed their first child together, son Ronin Barrell Galletti.

“All the things they say are true: we are incredibly in love, very tired and feel like we’ve lived both the longest and shortest three weeks of our lives!” the proud mom captioned a series of photos from the delivery room. “We are all doing well: feeling blessed and blissful and over the moon with joy! Welcome to the world, little warrior. Follow your heart, lead with love and never forget that the world around you is filled with magic.”

Katherine Barrell's Husband Ray Galletti: Job and Marriage Details
Courtesy of Katherine Barrell

In an October 2022 Instagram post, Katherine reflected on being a working mom in Hollywood.

“Balancing act! Here’s to all the people out there holding it together and doing their best!” she captioned a series of photos with Ronin. “Here’s to all the people who feel like they’re constantly dropping balls and letting someone down. Here’s to all the people who are doing their best with a smile on their face and passion in their hearts. Here’s to all the people for whom ‘hustle culture’ feels insanely out of reach, but ‘keep your head above water and have a laugh’ seems doable. I see you!!! Solidarity.”