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Kate Walsh Knows Fashion! See the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star’s Sexiest Red Carpet Looks Over the Years

Kate Walsh knows a thing or two about fashion! The beloved Grey’s Anatomy star has been rocking some of the sexiest ensembles ever since she started posing for photos on red carpets in the early 2000s.

Even though Kate can look incredible in a casual tank top and denim jeans, there’s no doubt she knows how to dress to the nines in a luxurious ballgown or minidress. We can’t forget to mention she makes every item in her wardrobe look so effortless.

Despite her flawless style, Kate said keeping it together on the red carpet isn’t always that easy. “I’ve had [malfunctions like] everything from boob sweat to [self] tanner gone wrong,” she jokingly shared with in 2016. “It’s just always an anxiety attack.”

When she’s not attending a Hollywood premiere, however, the Private Practice star — who announced her exciting return to Grey’s in September 2021 — said she loves hanging around in a comfortable outfit. “I have these Saint Laurent shoes, these patent loafers, that are black and white and they have this little tassel,” she explained. “They’re the dopest thing ever.”

When it comes to her outerwear, the SAG Award winner dished she likes to go all out. “I [have] this Isabel Marant coat that [is] striped [with] red, white and black,” she told the outlet. “It’s insanity.”

Kate isn’t afraid to show off her creative sense of style, but there is one rule she has for herself when it comes to picking out clothing for an event. “I [don’t like] anything that [shows off] major midriff,” she jokingly noted. “I just feel, at a certain point, you gotta [stop.]”

The 13 Reasons Why star may be hesitant to flaunt her figure, but there’s no denying Kate stays in the best of shape in her 50s. Like typical women, though, she struggles with feelings of insecurity every now and then. Fortunately, she’s overcome the pressure of having to “look a certain way” in showbiz.

“Anybody who says there isn’t [pressure] is lying,” she once told Coveteur. “I don’t weigh myself, I go by how I feel in my clothes. I think it’s also important for women to be easy on themselves and be comfortable and healthy. At different times and different ages, you’re different weights and different shapes. I think that’s important.”

Kate is so inspiring!

Scroll through the gallery below to see the star’s sexiest red carpet looks through the years!