According to a relationship expert, Kate Middleton and Prince William may feel “less glamorous” than Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which may be a big reason for the tension between the couples.

For months now there has been an alleged rift between the royal couples, especially the Duchess of Sussex, 37, and the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, and Kate Mansfield believes she knows why. “I imagine that a big part of the alleged tension between Meghan and Kate is an edge of competition between the royal brothers and their wives and that Kate and William might feel a little less glamorous than Harry and Meghan,” she told Express.

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Perhaps this may stem from the fact that the former actress has reeled in most of the attention from the media and the public recently, but the reason for that has not all been positive. Meghan has been rumored to be a bit of a headache at the palace. “Meghan is a perfectionist and gets stressed if things don’t go her way,” a source once told Life & Style. “Her diva demands are wreaking havoc at the palace and staff are dropping like flies!” They added, “Meghan seems to be even more demanding than the monarch. There have been whispers that working for Meghan is like a scene out of The Devil Wears Prada!”

The relationship between the Suits alum and the mother-of-three has also had its ups and downs — the two have been seen smiling together on their way to church, but at one point Queen Elizabeth was petrified the pair’s feud would ruin the holidays. “The queen is at her wit’s end over Kate and Meghan falling out,” an insider once revealed to the outlet. “She’s 92 years old and has seen enough drama to last her a lifetime, and can’t believe how petty they’re being.”

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Well, now that the royal baby will soon be here, we hope that that can bring joy for everyone and extinguish any alleged rift that might be occurring — we shall see!

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