Joy Behar may be starting a new fashion trend after wearing two different colored shoes on The View!

The TV host walked out onto the show’s stage with one white shoe and one black shoe. She smiled as she made her way over to the news desk during the episode on Thursday, April 4.

Viewers were quick to notice the comedian’s interesting fashion choice. “Why is Joy wearing 2 different color shoes? #TheView,” one person asked on X.

Another wrote, “@TheView Why is Joy wearing 2 different color shoes? One black, one white?”

It was never discussed by the hosts why Joy was wearing two different colored shoes that day. Perhaps she was paying a nod to Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw, who rocked the same look during a season 3 episode of the show.

Joy previously credited her stylist for “dressing her like a teenager” during an April 2023 episode of the daytime program. At the time, she appeared on the show wearing a jean jacket and jeans.

Her costars could not stop talking about how amazing she looked during the broadcast. “You look terrific,” Whoopi Goldberg told Joy at the time. One week prior to turning heads with her chic outfit, Joy’s earring fell out in the middle of an episode.

“Okay, so, aren’t these gorgeous?” she said of her earrings. “It broke, so I’m only wearing one. I’m starting a new trend, just one earring.”

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ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

But it’s not the only interesting thing that’s happened to her on the show recently. During an episode of the series last month, Joy’s cohosts were left stunned when her phone alarm blared while the cameras were rolling. Joy’s phone has gone off during the show before, to the point where her costars have told her to silence it regularly.

“Oh my God, turn it off,” the ABC personality said in another broadcast after her phone began ringing. “Stop it! And does Siri talk to me in the middle of nowhere? ‘I don’t understand what you’re saying.’ It’s like, who’s talking to you? I’m not talking to you.”

But Joy’s bold personality and style choices have always been one thing loyal viewers have loved since she joined the show in 1997. And it looks like she’s here to stay.

“I just signed a contract, so I’ll be here for a while,” the broadcaster told People in October 2022. “I have no plans to retire.”