Jimmy McNichol rose to fame as a youngster, appearing in popular television commercials as early as 6 years old. He and his younger sister, Kristy McNichol, became teen idols after appearing in several drama series and films that allowed them to showcase their dynamic talents. Outside of Hollywood, Jimmy became a dad to three kids: Kellee Maize, Nash McNichol and Ellis McNichol. Keep scrolling to meet his children.

Who Is Jimmy’s Eldest Daughter Kellee Maize?

In 2013, Jimmy was contacted by Kellee after her search to find her birth parents led her to believe the General Hospital alum was her father. Jimmy told Pittsburgh Magazine in June 2016 that he was never made aware of Kellee’s birth. After taking a DNA test to confirm his paternity, he welcomed his eldest daughter into the family with open arms. 

Kellee grew up in Pennsylvania and was adopted by Christine and Terry Maize as a baby. She became passionate about music when she was just a toddler. While attending the University of Pittsburgh, the musician began writing rap songs and had her sights set on an entertainment career, just like her biological dad. 

“She is a ball of energy, and so am I,” Jimmy said. “There are so many synchronicities of how we mesh and how we think and how we are extremely energetic and creative and you can’t keep us down.”

Jimmy McNichol’s Kids: Children Kellee, Nash and Ellis
Courtesy of Kellee Maize/Instagram

The Shazam! actor also became a grandfather to Kellee’s kids, Soraya and Mateo, whom she shares with her husband, Joey Rahimi. In 2019, the entire McNichol clan got together for the holidays in Colorado. The rapper shared a photo from the festivities with a touching caption on Instagram. 

“Adoption is truly a gift and I would never change my journey in any way as I love my mom and dad with ALL of my heart and to the end of the earth … but to then also receive a gift of my unimaginably supportive and loving Pop and his family, (especially since my dad passed away 10 years ago and I miss him every day), has meant the world to me,” she wrote.

Who Is Jimmy’s Son Nash McNichol? 

Jimmy and his wife, Renée McNichol, welcomed their son, Nash, in 1997. The pair were married that year and got to experience the bliss of parenthood soon after. It’s clear to see through photos on the California Fever actor’s Facebook page that he shares with Kristy, that he and his son have an extremely special bond.

In April 2017, the Little House on the Prairie alum took a trip with his son to Los Angeles and shared a sweet photo with his fans. In the caption, he called his son “awesome.” In July of that year, Jimmy shared another photo with his kiddo, writing, “Nash is really growing up so fast! Luckily, he’s just as cool as his dad.” 

Teen Idol Jimmy McNichol Became a Dad of 3 After Finding Fame! Meet His Kids Kellee, Nash and Ellis
Courtesy of Nash McNichol/Instagram

Nash attended Fort Lewis College and started his own business called Tech-Nichol where he repairs cellphones and other electronics. Jimmy gave the small business owner a shout-out on Facebook, as he competed in the Best Durango of the Year for the fourth year in a row in 2021, urging his fans to vote for his son. 

Who Is Jimmy’s Daughter Ellis McNichol? 

Jimmy and Renée’s daughter Ellis was born in 1998. Ellis graduated from Animas High School in Colorado in June 2017. She went on to attend Lewis and Clark University to pursue a degree in sociology and human services. 

Over the years, Ellis has been pictured on Facebook hanging out with her aunt, Kristy, and her two other siblings. Other than that, she keeps a pretty private life when it comes to her own social media accounts.