Late night host Jimmy Fallon just admitted that he tried pulling the moves on actress Kate Hudson, but she just wasn’t having it. While playing a game during The Tonight Show with guest star Margot Robbie on Dec. 3, Jimmy spilled the beans on his attempt to swoon the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star.

The awkward story got brought up when Jimmy and Margot were playing “Loaded Questions,” a game that forces you to answer at least one personal question. Each written on a coaster, the players choose whether they want to reveal the answer or decline and take a shot of liquor instead.

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Kate and Jimmy during 2000 MTV Video Music Awards in NYC.

“Do you have a co-star you thought you could have dated but didn’t?” one of the coasters read. Though Margot didn’t have a response, Jimmy confessed that he tried to date Kate. “We were, like, super good friends,” Jimmy said while explaining that the failed date happened in 2000 when they both appeared on Almost Famous.

Jimmy shared that he had invited her to see the comedy group The Kids in the Hall. It just so happens that The Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson was at the same club, therefore the two went up to him and introduced themselves. The next day, the late-night host and actress had plans to go ice skating in Central Park, but it wasn’t until after Kate asked to borrow his Black Crowes CDs that Jimmy realized he had been friend-zoned.

“We ice skated maybe three or four times around the rink,” Jimmy recalled. “And then I go, ‘So, what are you doing now?’ She goes, ‘I’ve got to go because I have a date with Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes.'” Poor Jimmy!

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Kate ended up marrying Chris that New Year’s Eve in 2000, and the couple welcomed their son, Ryder, 14, in 2004. However, Kate and Chris called it quits in 2006. In 2014, Kate was engaged to Matt Bellamy, but the couple split up a few years after their child, Bingham, 7, was born.

Though it never worked out between Kate and Jimmy — or even Kate and Chris for that matter — the two have found their true loves. Jimmy is married and has two kids with his wife, Nancy Juvonen, while Kate is happily dating Danny Fujikawa, who she just welcomed her third child in October with!