You may have missed it, but Kate Hudson gave birth to a baby girl on October 2. A baby girl she and Danny Fujikawa named Rani Rose because in Hollywood ever child deserves a unique name. As you can tell by my name my parents were never famous.

The 39-year-old actress decided to take it to her Instagram to show everyone a sweet photo of her oldest son, 14-year-old Ryder, holding baby Rani. Take a look at the photo below:

“Post Turkey Day my son comes into our bedroom, takes his sister in his arms and spent some solid early morning time loving her,” Kate says in the photo’s caption. “I watched thinking… I’m Thankful for love. Unconditional love and that my children embody what it is when one feels loved. Let’s all have an entire year where we stay grateful. Keep this party going.”

According to a source, Kate, who aside from Ryder and Rani, also has a 7-year-old son named Bingham with ex Matt Bellamy, reportedly “can’t stop smiling,” about her new baby girl. The source also adds, “she’s always wanted a daughter so this is really a dream come true.”

And if you’re wondering why Kate and Danny decided to name their new baby Rani Rose, Kate recently wrote this: “We have decided to name our daughter Rani (pronounced Ronnie) after her grandfather, Ron Fujikawa. Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honor.” Rani’s full name is Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa.

See, now that’s a good reason to give your child quite the unique name. And it’s also a name that won’t destroy her life. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Jason Lee’s son Pilot Inspecktor. And yes, Jason and his wife Beth Riesgraf actually named their son that.