She used to be one of the world’s top models and Mick Jagger’s long-time girlfriend, but now, Jerry Hall is…an aspiring ukulele player?!

The 57-year-old recently shared that she’s learning to play the instrument, a member of the guitar family, in her spare time.

“Once Gabriel’s at school, I practice the ukulele,” says Hall, whose youngest child with Jagger, Gabriel, 16, still lives at home.


“I’m teaching myself with the Idiot’s Guide and use the Ukulele Tuner app. It’s not going so good.”

The blonde bombshell has previously listed her favorite music as “good rock’n’roll, blues and jazz, gospel, and a little reggae.”

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Though she has no experience in music, besides dating one of the greatest rock stars of all time, Hall has appeared in over 15 films and a handful of TV shows.

Maybe she’ll come out with an album of ukulele music when she’s had more time to practice?