Before Jennifer Lopez shot to mega-stardom in the 1997 film Selena, she was a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color. And though it might seem quite nervewracking to have millions of people watch you perform on TV, Jennifer, 49, admitted in a new interview that being a young dancer in the spotlight made her feel very “fearless.”

“I think I was pretty fearless. I think when you’re younger, you are. Like, ignorance is bliss,” she recently told Entertainment Tonight while promoting the third season of her reality competition World of Dance. “You have no idea [to think] like, ‘I can fall on my face and it’s gonna scar me for 10 years.’ You know none of these things.”

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Jennifer has served as a judge on World of Dance since it first premiered on TV in May 2017 and though she’s been having a lot of fun being a part of the show, she said she doesn’t think that she could have won the dancing competition at the start of her career. “I’d like to think I could, but I don’t think I could,” she admitted. “I don’t think I would have made it very far here.”

Today, as a seasoned dancer, Jennifer could probably win the entire show if she wanted to! This summer she’ll be giving her fans a taste of her dancing skills yet again on her upcoming birthday tour, It’s My Party: The Live Celebration.

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“I’m going on a U.S. tour, it’s called It’s My Party … We’re only doing 25, 28 shows, something like that. It’s just a small amount of shows, but we’ll be out all through June and July,” she recently announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I wanted to do something big for my birthday.” J.Lo’s tour will kick off in Phoenix, Arizona on June 7 and she’ll turn 50 years old later this summer on July 24.