Mom-of-three Jennifer Garner loves to spend the day with her kids! The actress recently took her 6-year-old son, Samuel, out to lunch on Monday, Jan. 7, and he looks super grown up in the new pics. In a recent interview, Jennifer, 46, revealed that although Samuel isn’t a little boy anymore, it still takes her a bit of time and effort to get him to go to sleep every night.

“My son is the last one little enough to still be sung to, although I will whip it out for the others if I feel like they can use a little soothing,” Jennifer previously told People about Samuel and her two other kids, Violet Affleck, 13, and Seraphina Affleck, 10. “I have sung ‘Rainbow Connection’ probably 16 million times but I definitely mix it up.”


She also likes to read to her kids, too. “We’ve read, the lights are out,” she shared. “There’s no better feeling than a little kid in your lap while you rock him and sing to him.” Jennifer probably has the most well-behaved kids in Hollywood because every time she’s spotted out and about with them, they look so happy to be spending some quality time with their famous mom!

Scroll down to take a look at Jennifer’s adorable lunch date with her son, Samuel!