Unlike her mama, Jennifer Garners eldest daughter, Violet Affleck, loves to wear makeup! The 46-year-old star recently revealed to People that her 13-year-old kid “likes to explore and play” with beauty products and has been asking her for beauty advice before she leaves the house.

“She’s really smart about, ‘Okay, now I’m leaving the house, now I need to check with my mom because chances are she’s gonna make me take this lip off,’” Jennifer jokingly shared. “Which, I do. So that’s kind of where we are with it.”

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Since Jennifer knows what it’s like to be Violet’s age, she understands that her daughter is going through a “tricky” time in her life. “Growing up is a process,” she explained. “It’s just hard to be an adolescent.” And Jennifer couldn’t be more right! She noted that Violet is probably confused about the beauty world because she has only shown her daughter “two versions” of herself.

“My kids know two versions of me: They know the version that I see in the mirror right now that looks crazy, and it’s what they see 90 percent of the time,” she admitted. “Other times, they see a version of me that I never saw with my mom or anything, where I’m done up, my hair’s done, my makeup is done, so I wonder what that puts in her mind. Not to put words in her mouth, but I do wonder what it does to an adolescent brain.”

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Jennifer also admitted that her beauty regimen is a lot different than Violet’s because she feels the most comfortable in her own skin. “I’m the happiest and most comfortable when I just look like myself,” she told People, adding all she typically wears is mascara and a little bit of blush. “I’ll use [the latter] on my lids,” she noted. “That’s all I need. The less makeup I have to wear, and the more of my own skin that I can see, the happier I am.”