What a moment. James Van Der Beek allowed his daughter Annabel Leah to try out a brand new hairstyle — and let’s just say that the little one may be the coolest kid in her class soon.

The actor, 42, took to Instagram on Friday, September 20, to show off his second youngest daughter, 5, filled with joy as a hairstylist shaves the side of her head. “I don’t know if my parents would have ever let me do this … because I don’t know if I would have had the balls to even go for it,” the Dawson’s Creek alum captioned the clip.

“I had one haircut before, but now this is my first time getting a different haircut,” the little one proclaims. Her mom Kimberly Brook — who was filming the memorable moment — adds, “that’s true, this is your second ever haircut.” Take a look at the cute vid below!

Fans were giving the post — and Annabel — nothing but praise in the comments section. “Hair is just hair, but if it helps her feel more confident or more herself, then it matters. Heck yes to letting kids have a say in their own appearances,” one person said. Another added, “I love her courage. Her little giggle like ‘oh it’s happening!'”

On her Instagram story, Kimberly films a very proud Annabel saying, ‘Look — I actually did it.” Cute!

James Van Der Beek

Annabel isn’t the only child that James and Kimberly have, they also share four more kids — Olivia, 9, Joshua, 7, Emilia, 3, and Gwendolyn, 15 months. It will be a big next couple of weeks for the family, especially since the Varsity Blues star is currently on season 28 of Dancing With the Stars. In fact, he was able to rack up the top score of the night in his debut.

However, don’t expect James’ kids to vote for him. “They were pretty chill about it until they found out [ DWTS contestant] Karamo [Brown] was going to be on and then they were super excited and starstruck that I was going to meet Karamo,” James exclusively told Closer Weekly at the cast reveal at Planet Hollywood in New York City.

“[They] would not guarantee me that they would vote for me instead of him! My daughter goes, ‘Daddy, it’s a dancing competition. [I’ll vote for] whoever dances better!'” James added.

We’re sure James will have not only have his family’s support, but plenty of fans rooting for him!