Six months after Jackie Collinsdeath, the late author’s daughters have opened up about losing their mother to breast cancer.

“We’re still grieving and mourning the loss of our mom,” Tiffany Lerman, 49, said during a new interview on ITV’s Lorraine on Thursday, March 10. “There was a time she was doing so well living with the diagnosis that we almost forgot that it was terminal,” Rory Lerman, 47, added.

jackie collins' daughters getty images

Rory (left) and Tiffany (right) in October 2015.

Jackie sadly passed away at age 77 in September 2015 after a long cancer battle. Prior to her death, the novelist was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2009 but chose to keep her illness a secret from her family.

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“She didn‘t want to walk around with people feeling sorry for her,” Tiffany said. “She wanted to show people you can live a healthy and full life. So she went out and she wrote more books, she traveled and she didn’t let the cancer define the way she lived.”

jackie collins and joan collins

Jackie and her sister Joan Collins in April 2014.

Now, Tiffany and Rory — who also battled breast cancer during her mother’s fight against the disease — are dedicated to keeping their Jackie’s memory alive. “We get to engage with that other side of her and preserve her legacy. We want to keep her alive though her work,” Tiffany said.

In addition to Tiffany and Rory, Jackie and her late husband, Oscar Lerman, were also parents to an older daughter, Tracy Lerman, 55.