Too funny! Donny Osmond took to social media to clear the air on some of Google’s most frequently asked questions about him. The “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” singer shared the LOL-worthy post to Instagram on Tuesday, May 21.

“Googled myself today. Let me clear up a few of your questions,” the 61-year-old wrote. In the post, Donny shared a screenshot of his full name plugged into the Internet search engine and the suggested questions that pop up underneath. “Yes, I’m the singing voice for Captain Li Shang in @Disney’s #Mulan. One of my favorite roles yet,” he wrote in response to the first question asking if he is in the beloved 1998 animated movie. “Yes. We miss you, #MJ,” he said, addressing the second question asking if he was friends with Michael Jackson.

The third question that appeared on the Google search asked, “Is Donny Osmond ill,” to which he hilariously responded, “If I’m ill, I’m just as surprised as you.” Ha! The fourth question that Google suggested asked “Is Donny Osmond the rabbit,” referring to his stint on The Masked Singer. “No, I’m not the rabbit (that would be @realjoeyfatone), but I AM the Peacock.”

The Dancing With The Stars champ also addressed the question referring to the tattoo that a dedicated fan got of him. “Yes. It’s rather permanent,” Donny said of the life-size drawing of his face that one fan had tattooed on the back of their shoulder. Talk about dedication!

Lastly, Donny addressed the final question that asked if he was sick again. “Nope. Unless you mean ‘sick’ in the way my sons describe something cool, in which case Donny Osmond is pretty sick,” he playfully wrote, adding the hashtag, “#GoogleYourself.” Too funny!

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Fans of the former teen idol seemed to get a kick out of the entertaining post. “I will sleep well tonight!” one fan wrote in the comment section. “You know yourself well Donny! Have always loved your sense of humor! You are the best!” read another message, among hundreds of loving comments.

Just the other day, Donny gave fans an update on the progress of his upcoming new album. “Wrote another song yesterday. This time, @dennywhite came in from Los Angeles to help out,” the “Puppy Love” singer shared. “Bit by bit. Song by song. Album 62 is taking shape.”

We can’t wait to hear his new music!